It happened in an instant and Midwinter would never shake the images from his mind. The two dark shadows. The slippery, freezing ground. The hungry roar of the sea. The gleam of the knife. The tall man plunged the blade downwards, but as he did, the Survivalist kicked out with all his strength … The tall man staggered back … Seeing what was about to happen, Midwinter dived out of the way. The tall man tripped on a ridge of hard earth, his momentum carrying him towards the cliff.

In a frantic whirl of arms and legs, he disappeared over the edge.

Midwinter (92,500 words) is a hard-hitting tale of crime and corruption, encompassing county lines drug-supply chains and people trafficking, that will appeal to lovers of Scandi-noir fiction, as well as general crime thrillers. The characters are credible and flawed, and the story is instantly relatable, set against the backdrop of a declining north-east England town.

A full synopsis is available on request. And of course agents and publishers in particular should contact me for access to the full manuscript.


Mark Midwinter, a local journalist in a town on the north-east coast of England, is in a rut: his career and personal life are going nowhere. But when sent to cover the aftermath of a house fire in which a man has died, he sees the possibility of a scoop that could to revive his flagging career.

Officially, the fire is an accident. The dead man, who was apparently Chinese, was the tenant. Midwinter learns from a friend – a Doomsday prepper known as ‘the Survivalist’ – that the house was owned by Connor Doyle, a small-time gangster who has gone into hiding following attacks on his property. Midwinter thinks the fire could mark an escalation of the threats against Doyle, potentially making the death of the tenant a murder.

Then, a few days later, there is a second death. A young woman has her throat torn out in a brutal, bloodthirsty attack…


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