Midwinter: the novel

Two deaths, a few days apart. The first an accident, the second a brutal, vampiric slaying. There's no obvious connection but local reporter Mark Midwinter believes both deaths could be linked to a gangsters' turf war. If he can dig deep enough, the prize could be a scoop that will save his job. But someone... Continue Reading →

Midwinter: read the prologue

The light from the street lamps turned the raindrops into copper tears. He watched them slide down the small barred window. It was set high in the wall, too high to reach, but at least it was something to look at. A dim rectangle hemmed in by shadows. Light and darkness. Darkness and light. A... Continue Reading →

Midwinter: read chapter 1

The Survivalist watched the headlamps as the car came up from the town. It turned onto the road that ran like a belt round the hillside, passed the old barn and accelerated on its way towards the moor, its tail lights glowing UFO-like for a moment before disappearing over the crest. The throb of the... Continue Reading →


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